Tamper-Evident Sealing Machines

When dealing with certain products such as food and pharmaceuticals, reliable packaging solutions ensure the preservation of the products original state. It can be of critical importance to identify if the packaging used for these items have been tampered with in any way. For example, package tampering has been used to extort companies in the past such as the Tylenol crisis of 1982. However, if a consumer or manufacturer can visibly identify if a product has been opened, corrective action can be taken and the product can be disposed of accordingly.

The need to confirm that a product has not been opened or tampered with was solved with the advent of tamper-evident sealing technology. This solution allows both consumers and manufacturers to quickly and easily identify when a seal has been broken or tampered with. These seals have been carefully developed over time and provide excellent risk reduction solution for multiple industries from food and pharmaceuticals to documents, credit cards, and physical security.

Additionally, in 1982 the FDA announced a regulation that requires certain items to be packaged using tamper evident seals. This regulation states that all but a few cosmetic products, all human drug products must be packaged using tamper-evident seals. The consumer must be able to visibly identify if a product has been opened for the safety of themselves as well as others.

IMS Machines offers full-service design and integration of tamper-evident sealing machines that can save your business time, money, and improve customer loyalty. Ultimately, tamper-evident sealing machines drastically reduce the risks associated with package tampering on the shelves as well as in the packaging process. If a product has been packaged incorrectly, this can be identified visibly before the product ever leaves the warehouse. This will reduce transportation and labor costs of send the product back to the business to be either repackaged or disposed.