Sealing Equipment

From single serve coffee pods to ink cartridges, foil and poly-sealing to rigid containers has become one of the most recognized packaging mediums in the world. In the past, this method was mostly used in the food and beverage industry, to provide tamper evidence and increase shelf life. However over time, foil and film barriers have been used on a variety of unique and inventive applications when the separation of multiple materials or protection from air contamination is necessary for product stability.  IMS has been at the forefront of the niche sealing industry, providing application specific equipment to facilitate each customer’s unique need. Our goal is not only to provide a piece of equipment, but rather a solution.

For clients in need of filling equipment, we often integrate various types of manual and line filling systems for liquids, powders and viscous products, we also manufacturer high speed rotary equipment for viscous product applications such as yogurts, creams, sauces, and pastes. Be sure to ask us about filling solutions.


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