Foil Cap Press

Foil Cap Press

Skirted foil capping has been regarded as a cost effective, hermetic alternative to conventional screw capping. This application can provide a capless seal to your container with the option of adding an overcap. We have made it even better with the introduction of the Versa-Press foil capping system. We are confident that this system is the most mechanically versatile, cost efficient, skirted capping system on the market today.

Versa Sealer Photo


  • A simply reliable solution for skirted foil capping
  • Ease of operation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Extremely versatile with a variety of placement (mounting) options
  • Tooling options to meet output requirements
  • Leading edge technology control package

Cosemtic Skirted Cap


  • Lid material embossing with branding
  • Synchro-print to read printed foil with registration marks
  • Stainless Steel chute
  • Additional chute
  • Foil tracking device
  • Spare tool unit
  • Low foil sensor
  • Integrated auto splicer
  • Custom stand
  • Round or tabbed lid

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