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Portable Manual Bench Top Sealer

This compact, user-friendly sealer is optimal for lab operations, with the smallest footprint in our IMS range. It operates on 120v and 90 psi air to seal various container sizes, and can use an electric actuator where air is unavailable.

Our customers enjoy the convenience of quick delivery and, to further simplify things, we offer this basic unit through a hassle-free monthly lease option.

Manual bench top

Induction Cap Sealers

We proudly provide a comprehensive range of Induction cap sealers, designed to:

  • Prevent Leaks: Ensure no spillage and maintain product integrity.
  • Preserve Freshness: Retain the overall quality and freshness of products.
  • Provide Tamper Evidence: Offer clear indications of any unauthorized access.
Cap sealer

Inverted Punch & Seal

Our adaptable Punch & Seal machine delivers fast, accurate sealing with a compact footprint, integrating seamlessly with existing systems. With one swift motion, it punches and seals, offering customizable specifications, power requirements, and advanced optional features.

Punch and Seal Sealing Machine

Tamper Evident Sealing

Tamper-evident labels and seals allow manufacturers to have one or more indicators or barriers to the product’s entry. Easily deter and detect unauthorized openings with our simple tamper-evident seals. Add some peace of mind and integrity to your production line by including tamper-evident sealing techniques.

Tamper Sealing

About Us

At Integrity Machine Services, our container sealing solutions can take you from a manual/versatile machine all the way through to something that is fully automatic/higher dollar. Since 1993, IMS has been committed to providing our customers with prompt, reliable and efficient results.

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We’re known for our hands-on customer support services. Our ongoing service and support keeps your production lines running. If you have a question about one of our products, please contact us today.

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