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IMS is your single source for filling and sealing applications. We offer expertise, commitment, equipment and services that keep your production up and running. Check out some of our equipment below.

With the smallest footprint of any IMS sealer, the MBT is perfect for lab operations. 120v power and 90 psi air consumption allows this product to seal multiple sized containers with one sealing head, or with electric actuator where air isn’t available.

These convenient machines are easy to troubleshoot, load and feel foil throughout the units. Tooling can be removed quickly for change outs and cleaning. Can also be designed with integrated conveyor or made to fit existing conveyor systems.

Our linear machines seal in one downward motion. This process is the fastest way to apply flat foil seals in the industry. Units can also be assembled on a walking beam for continuous feed motion, and provides the smallest footprint possible.

Skirted foil capping has been regarded as a cost effective, hermetic alternative to conventional screw capping. This application can provide a capless seal to your container with the option of adding an overcap. We have made it even better with the introduction of the Versa-Press foil capping system. We are confident that this system is the most mechanically versatile, cost efficient, skirted capping system on the market today.

Conduction Sealing Equipment

Conduction sealing uses electricity to power a heating element. Heat is transferred through the element to the metal conduction head. When the head is in contact with the container topped with material the combination of pressure and heat causes the material to adhere to the container. This is a very reliable way of sealing your products.

Heat and Pressure Sealing Infographic

Custom Induction Sealing Equipment

Induction sealers offer instant start-up, eliminating the wait time required for other systems to get to temperature for sealing. The induction process minimizes ambient heat, keeping the sealing head at a cool temperature for operator safety. A primary benefit of induction is that the sealing head is more forgiving of out of tolerance containers.

All of our systems can be configured for either conduction or induction sealing.

Induction Sealer

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