Company Overview

At Integrity Machine Services, our container sealing solutions can take you from a manual/versatile machine all the way through to something that is fully automatic/higher dollar. Since 1993, IMS has been committed to providing our customers with prompt, reliable and efficient results. We have a strong commitment to superior customer service. In addition to being a top provider for foil technology and leading automation systems, we have a large inventory of replacement parts to ensure quick delivery and reduce costly production down time. We strive to build, service, and support our equipment to its highest efficiencies, while trying to exceed customers’ expectations. Our network of experienced suppliers and skilled service technicians allows us to be your turnkey foil sealing and capping provider.

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Our Mission

IMS designs, manufactures and supports packaging equipment to meet a variety of production needs; and is committed to provide our customers with prompt, reliable and effective results.

Research and Development

Our continued innovation is what sets us apart from the competition. The team at IMS constantly researches the most up-to-date processes and industry-leading equipment that drives the development of sealing solutions.

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