Custom Induction Sealing Equipment


Induction sealers offer instant start-up, eliminating the wait time required for other systems to get to temperature for sealing. The induction process minimizes ambient heat, keeping the sealing head at a cool temperature for operator safety. A primary benefit of induction is that the sealing head is more forgiving of out of tolerance containers.

All of our systems can be configured for either conduction or induction sealing.

Induction Sealer


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Fits Unique Shapes

Conforms to irregular sealing surfaces for seal integrity

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Usable on Different Surfaces

Can seal to a variety of container materials: plastics, glass, ceramics, and more

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Energy Efficient

Conserves energy between cycles. No need to wait for heads to heat up

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Safety Guaranteed

Safe – the head does not retain heat

Is it right for you?

There are plenty of benefits to induction sealing, however, induction sealing systems come with higher up-front costs and require longer build times.

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