Manual Bench Top

Our smallest offering in a very versatile product. It is extremely portable and the perfect addition to any lab or facility.


Dimensions Weight Voltage
12 x 12 x 24″ 62 pounds 120 v

If your application isn’t mentioned above, call us to verify.


  • So portable, that it can be operated in any household kitchen
  • Offers the smallest footprint of any IMS sealer
  • These are typically off the shelf items, that IMS have in stock
  • Perfect for lab operations
  • IMS offers the basic unit for monthly lease
  • Can seal multiple size containers with one sealing head
  • 120v power and 90 psi air consumption or with electric actuator where air isn’t available


  • Indexing dial platform
  • Stainless portable table
  • Multiple container nests
  • Explosion proof
  • Poly punch and seal
Operator programming machine interface