R & D

Allow our seal testing capabilities and prototyping experience to efficiently serve your R&D lab. We can help with proof of concept, sourcing materials, and scaling production.

three small plastic containers with foil seals


Foil cap seals on high-end cosmetics is a must for keeping the integrity of your samples and liquids. From facial masks to concealers, we have the desired cap sealing you’re looking for.

Cosemtic Skirted Cap

Beverage and Food

When it comes to food and beverages, such as dairy, it’s critical to have the proper sealing in place to ensure freshness. From yogurt to ice cream, these items require quality foil seals.

Foil Sealed Lid on Plastic Bottle


Our stations for container placing, filling and sealing can be run by a single operator. From foil cap sealing bottles to pre-packed pills—we have the solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Small plastic container with foil seal


Portable glass container filling lines with induction sealing are most ideal for infused beverages. Our solutions provide effective turnkey glass sealing and foil caps for edible products.

three small plastic containers with foil seals

Consumer Goods

We provide tools for foil cutting and sealing for unique shapes and sizes. We design punch profiles for sealing contents for household products, especially for pets and children.

Foil Sealed container

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