Heat Sealing for Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging has evolved tremendously in the last decade. Heat sealing has played a large role in these advancements, specifically, the machines that are used to automate the process. The FDA holds medical and pharmaceutical packaging to a higher standard than most other products. That being said, there is a much greater emphasis placed on the technology used to seal these products and ensure the rigorous health and safety standards of the FDA have been met.

Due to the technology of sealing machines allowing complete automation in the manufacturing process medical and pharmaceutical companies have been able to meet increasing industry demand with a higher standard of quality assurance in packaging. There are three main advantages of cap sealing automation. First, human error risk has been drastically reduced with advanced automation technology. The process has allowed for more accurate control by the operators involved as well as the need for changeovers resulting in a faster error-free manufacturing process. Second, these machines allow for a manufacturing environment with far less downtime. Third, improperly sealed products have decreased as a result of sealing automation machines.

The video below shows how an IMS inline sealer can help automate your manufacturing process.