Induction Sealer

What Are Induction Seals?

Induction seals, sometimes called heat seals, are used with an induction sealing machine in a non-contact process that hermetically seals jars and packaging containers. They are designed to protect the contents within a jar, bottle, or container from contamination, dirt, debris, and other foreign substances.

They are a critical part of the packaging process, as they are an additional safety layer that ensures consumers are the first to open the seal. 

How Do Induction Seals Work?

Induction Hermetic Seal

Induction seals, or heat seals, are applied through the electromagnetic induction process. During this process, an induction sealing machine applies heat and pressure to bond the seal to the lip of the container hermetically. 

Heat seals are typically made of a combination of resins, polymers, and adhesives. As the containers pass under the automated sealer’s induction coils, a magnetic field is created, which generates a specific heat that melts the resin, polymer, and adhesive combination to create an airtight seal.


There are several immediate benefits to using induction seals. First, the seal protects the contents inside the container from contamination, moisture, and oxygen, which is especially important for liquids, fluids, and solvents that degrade when exposed to oxygen.

Another benefit is that the seal ensures any damage during transit doesn’t affect the contents within the container. And having these airtight seals is a relatively inexpensive security measure for companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, consumer, and chemical industries.

Finally, having hermetically sealed containers is really about consumer safety. Customers need to know they’re the first to break the seal. If the seal is already broken, it’s a sure sign that the consumer should discard the container.

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