Protective tamper evident seal on top of white plastic bottle

The Benefits of Tamper Evident Induction Sealing for Your Business

Reliable packaging solutions are essential when dealing with sensitive products such as food and pharmaceuticals, ensuring the preservation of the product’s original state. The ability to identify any signs of tampering with these packages can be of critical importance. A striking example is the Tylenol crisis of 1982 where package tampering was used for extortion. However, if a product’s tampering is visibly identifiable, both consumers and manufacturers can take corrective actions to safely dispose of the product.

The Advent of Tamper-Evident Sealing Technology

In response to the need to confirm that a product has not been opened or tampered with, tamper-evident sealing technology was introduced. This innovative solution allows both consumers and manufacturers to quickly and easily identify when a tamper-evident seal has been broken or tampered with. These seals, refined over time, provide an excellent risk reduction solution for multiple industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, documents, credit cards, and physical security.

Key Benefits of Tamper Evident Seals

Utilizing tamper-evident seals brings numerous advantages for both businesses and consumers. Here are a few notable benefits:

  • Enhanced Consumer Trust: Tamper-evident seals provide visible proof of product integrity, increasing consumer confidence.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Using tamper-evident seals helps businesses meet FDA packaging regulations.
  • Risk Reduction: These seals can effectively deter potential tampering, reducing risks for businesses and consumers.
  • Cost Efficiency: Improperly packaged products can be identified before leaving the warehouse, saving on transportation and labor costs.

Regulatory Standards for Tamper Evident Seals

Back in 1982, the FDA announced a regulation that mandates the use of tamper-evident seals for packaging certain items. According to this regulation, except for a few cosmetic products, all human drug products must be packaged using tamper-evident seals. The goal is to enable the consumer to visibly identify if a product has been opened, ensuring the safety of themselves and others.

Leveraging Tamper Proof Sealing Machines for Business

IMS Machines offers a full-service design and integration of tamper-proof sealing machines that can significantly benefit your business. These tamper-evident sealing machines can save your business time, money, and enhance customer loyalty. They drastically reduce the risks associated with package tampering on the shelves and during the packaging process. If a product has been packaged incorrectly, the tamper-evident seal will allow this to be identified visually before the product ever leaves the warehouse. For more information about how tamper-evident seals can benefit your business, contact us.