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Versatility in Foil Capping


Skirted capping presses have been around for decades. The skirted foil caps they produce are most commonly used in dairy and beverage applications.  If you are familiar with traditional skirted foil capping presses, you know that they are anything but versatile. They are generally bulky, loud machines that require linkage to parent equipment, clutches, brakes, timing eyes, oilers and various other mechanical apparatus in order to operate. They are typically fixed to a floor stand or mono-blocked to a filler baseplate for the entirety of their operational life.

We knew that there had to be a better way to produce skirted caps in a quieter, smoother and more autonomous way.  In 2012, we introduced the IMS Versa-Press. What we love most about this design is its simplicity. We have eliminated a huge percentage of the wear components typically found on a capping press and use a simple side mounted drive motor to effortlessly punch and form foil caps at up to 500 per minute. The gear box design allows for endless mounting and placement configurations as all of the mechanical components are housed in the head of the press. There are no drive components or linkage in the base.

This unpretentious design is also more cost effective. Meaning that small to medium sized producers with limited floor space and budgets can now achieve the same polished look of a skirted cap on their product without breaking the bank.